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About Us

Uncle Pawlie’s started making treats soon after adopting a Golden Retriever puppy from a family who had decided he was too much to handle. Brutus, as we named him, turned out to be a pretty active puppy with an equally active and sensitive stomach. After many months of researching dog food sensitivity and allergies we were able to recognize which ingredients irritated Brutus’ stomach. We found ingredients such as pumpkin to be very effective at soothing his stomach. In addition, we found certain processed and artificial ingredients to aggravate Brutus’ digestive system. Once we discovered how good pumpkin and coconut oil were for our dogs digestion we decided to put them into a treat. By combining the right ingredients, we were able to achieve a balance which included easily digestible gluten free natural homemade treats.

After the creation of Punkin Paws we added additional treats like PB & Banana and Grain Free Sweet Potato. All of which are Brutus approved. For more information on our treats please check our Products section.